Comic Book: “Team Rafale, Volume 12 – Trap in the Red Sea”

Comic Book: “Team Rafale, Volume 12 – Trap in the Red Sea*”

And we’re off for new adventures with Tom Nolane! On board the “Charles de Gaulle” aircraft carrier, this time, the aviator embarks on a race against time to fight an epidemic…

The flagship comic book from Zéphyr is back! After adventures in the jungle in the previous volume, entitled “Gone Missing*”, this time we’re headed to the Red Sea. Stationed on board the “Charles de Gaulle” aircraft carrier, on the Suez Canal, Commander Nolane and Captain Tank Mossi must first take to the skies to help a container ship, threatened by a band of pirates who will stop at nothing to steal it…

As soon as they return from this mission, the two partners must save an East African community plagued by a mysterious epidemic. But not everything goes according to plan for Nolane, whose Rafale Marine is forced to perform an emergency landing. During this stopover, the commander, who suffered minor injuries, meets Dr. Roxane Klein, a member of Doctors Without Borders, assigned to serve in remote places where the epidemic is growing. Nolane decides to accompany her on an expedition. This is the beginning of the adventures…

Piracy, health problems, and more… The Team Rafale series continues to explore contemporary geopolitical topics, with spectacular combat scenes!

Comic Book: “Team Rafale, Volume 12 – Piège en mer Rouge”, Frédéric Zumbiehl (author) and Olivier Jolivet (illustrator). Editions Zéphyr. ISBN: 978-2-361-18284-7

Original French title: Piège en mer Rouge
* Original French title: Portés Disparus

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