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Teaming up in a top-flight workplace

A motivating working environment for our people is anchored in mutual respect, a wealth of diversity, good working conditions and fulfilling careers.

Dassault Aviation Argenteuil Facility, France.

Dassault Aviation Argenteuil Facility, France. © Dassault Aviation – E. Franceschi

Positive social engagement

Dassault Aviation’s employee relations are based on a sustained dialog. This approach is part of our long-standing culture, and enables us to jointly define and apply the measures needed to support the growth of Dassault’s companies.

Promoting diversity

Dassault Aviation constantly affirms its commitment to fighting discrimination and fostering equal opportunity, since we are firmly convinced that diversity is not only a major goal, but also a performance driver for our enterprise.

Gender equality

Dassault Aviation supports gender equality through a wide range of actions:

  • promoting technical professions at junior high and high school level;
  • recruiting;
  • providing training courses to support women’s career development;
  • applying measures to support work-life balance;
  • developing training courses for managers and employee representatives to fight against stereotypes and support gender equality

On January 16, 2015, Dassault Falcon Service signed its first agreement concerning gender equality.

Integrating disabled persons

Dassault Aviation applies a three-year agreement (2015-17) concerning the continued employment of persons with disabilities and installing appropriate workstations. At the same time, we pursued our awareness raising initiative, so that people’s attitudes towards the disabled will continue to change.

Through these and other commitments, Dassault Aviation exceeds the minimum legal requirement of disabled persons accounting for 6% of the total workforce.

Ties between  generations

We continue to hire young people, keep seniors employed and facilitate the transmission of knowledge between generations.

Fostering wellbeing at work

At Dassault Aviation, we focus on managing occupational risks, training, keeping our employees informed and improving working conditions. Group companies continued to implement actions to improve working conditions, especially concerning workstation ergonomics, reducing noise and other disturbances, and attenuating the risks related to physical activities. One of the main highlights last year was setting up a network of ergonomics engineers at all Dassault Aviation facilities.

We also organize visits to facilities in charge of final assembly and initial aircraft testing to spotlight everybody’s contribution to the overall production process, and to recognize individual contributions.

A number of training measures are also deployed yearly for employees at all levels. For example, Dassault Aviation continued actions addressing psychosocial risks, is launching an action plan to develop our prevention-based culture, and has set up trainings for management staff on how to manage occupational safety.