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Attracting talent, developing skills

Dassault Aviation deploys a human resources policy that ensures our competitiveness by focusing on hiring top talent, fostering diversity and supporting career development.

Dassault Aviation held a Professional Women Ambassadors Day on 12 March 2015.

Dassault Aviation held a Professional Women Ambassadors Day on 12 March 2015. © Dassault Aviation – S. Randé

Part of the educational process

We take an active role in the analyses carried out by education and training professionals to adapt academic courses to evolving needs.

Our employees act as official “ambassadors” within government organizations and the governing bodies of universities and engineering schools that provide training in our business sectors.

Over 200 employees taught in these schools in 2015. They transmit their multidisciplinary business-oriented culture by overseeing design work or practical projects. They are also members of test boards, providing business insights into the skills attested to by degrees.

In 2015 we welcomed nearly 800 young people, both interns and students in work-study programs, helping them better determine their career plans and enter the professional workplace, whether at Dassault or elsewhere.

Inspiring an aerospace vocation

We are heavily involved in major events coordinated by French aerospace industry association Gifas (Groupement des industries françaises aéronautiques et spatiales) and the metallurgical industry trade association UIMM (Union des industries et métiers de la métallurgie). The 2015 Paris Air Show featured the second edition of the “Careers Plane”, designed to encourage young people’s interest in production professions.

During the show, airframe fitters and sheet metal workers from Dassault Aviation, along with maintenance technicians from Dassault Falcon Service, talked about their jobs.

Hiring top talent

We recruit people from all different horizons, to meet two main goals: maintain our ability to innovate, and satisfy our customers.

We are looking for people who are open-minded, creative and able to work in a team. A new booklet was published in 2015 for distribution to all Dassault Aviation facilities to support the induction of new hires and encourage them to share our values. At the same time, we updated the onboarding process.

Developing skills and keeping pace with change

Companies in the Group have deployed a number of support measures to help all employees develop their skills, including professional training, exercises and mobility. In 2015 Dassault Aviation also focused its training efforts on developing the digital enterprise and new technologies.

Our companies also emphasized training programs for management staff, program management, and instruction in foreign languages and cultures.