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Certified ISO 14001

Between 2003 and 2005, all Dassault Aviation sites were certified ISO 14001, reflecting our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our production facilities.

Tangible progress in environmental protection has or is being achieved:

  • Reduced consumption of natural resources;
  • Lower gaseous effluent by replacing old boilers, purchasing electric vehicles and decreasing use of road transport;
  • Higher waste recycling rate with a focus on dedicated waste treatment methods;
  • Reduced use of chlorinated solvents at production facilities;
  • Qualification of paints for commercial aircraft with low solvent content;
  • Replacement of products or processes involving hazardous substances (e.g. chrome VI) with healthier, more environmentally-friendly equivalents;
  • Industrial facility risk management;
  • Integration of REACH into the environmental policy.


A network of environmental managers

The Company has rolled out the necessary resources to implement the environmental policy. Each of our facilities has named an Environmental Manager who works with a network of sector-specific correspondents in the field.

Twice a year, all plant and corporate environmental managers come together at Company environment seminars.

Each facility organizes local events to heighten staff awareness of environmental issues.

Subcontractor and supplier involvement

Our general terms and conditions of purchase include obligations to protect and prevent risks of impacting the environment.

The performance of industrial subcontractors that may have an impact on the environment is assessed using an environmental questionnaire.

Subcontractor administrative compliance likely to generate environmental impacts is also taken into account.

Subcontractors are actively encouraged to earn ISO 14001 certification or equivalent.