Dassault Aviation joined the IFBEC (international Forum of Business Ethical Conduct) in July 2012.

The purpose of IFBEC is to:

a. Promote and foster through the Global Principles the development of global, industry-wide ethical standards for the companies that are active in the aerospace and defense business sector.

b. Organize opportunities for industry and relevant stakeholders to exchange information and best practices concerning ethical business challenges, practices and opportunities worldwide.

For more information, link: http://ifbec.info

The IFBEC, of which Dassault Aviation is a member and a member of the Sterring Committee, organized its third international conference in Madrid on 13-14 September 2012.
This event co-organized with the Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe and the Aerospace Industries of America, brought together aerospace and defense industry representatives from around the world.
The propose of the conference was to promote global cooperation to increase integrity in public procurements and bolster the public’s trust. For further informations, click on the IFBEC press release:

IFBEC Hosts Third Annual International Conference

IFBEC Public Accountability Report 2012

This Report, published in 2012 is a manifestation of IFBEC’s continued mission and purpose as it provides member and various stakeholders with data on IFBEC member compliance with the Global Principles and best practices that align with the Global Principles.

To see the Report click: 2012 Public Accountability Report

IFBEC / 15th and 16th October 2013

The International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct (IFBEC) held its fourth annual conference on October 15th and 16th in Alexandria, Virginia (United States) .Over 80 ethics and compliance professionals from the aerospace and defense industry, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations heard a diverse set of panels cover such topics as best practices, ethics in the global marketplace, and the impact of corruption on the aerospace and defense market. Among the topics discussed was the need for comprehensive training and communication, with examples provided by many american and European companies and the value of developing industry initiatives to mitigate risk in global supply chains and in offset contracts. Dassault Aviation, a member of IFBEC and of IFBEC‘s steering committee, participated actively to this conference.

IFBEC / 6th and 7th November 2014

IFBEC held its 5th Annual Conference on 6-7 November 2014 at the EUROCONTROL facilities in Brussels, Belgium. Business ethics and compliance professionals from across the aerospace and defence industry were in attendance to share best practices and interact with representatives from various industry stakeholders, such as NATO, the Basel Institute of Governance, and OECD. The conference was keynoted by John Sammis, Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. to the EU and Sylvia Kainz-Huber, Deputy Head of Aeronautics, Defence, Maritime Industries Unit at the European Commission.

The results of IFBEC’s 2014 Public Accountability Report were released at the conference, highlighting the continued maturation of ethics and compliance programs amongst IFBEC’s membership. The report is available for download on IFBEC’s website, ifbec.info. IFBEC’s leadership also announced the commissioning of a comprehensive study on global offset practices by the Basel Institute of Governance, in conjunction with a working group of offset experts and practitioners within IFBEC’s membership.

For more information, please visit IFBEC website (“annual conference” and “2014 public accountability report”).

IFBEC / 19-20 November 2015

On 19 and 20 November 2015, IFBEC held its Sixth Annual Conference in Boston (Mass.) gathering a hundred representatives from US, European, Japanese and Israeli companies as well as OECD, Nato and NGOs members who were introduced to the new “IFBEC Supply Chain Model of Conduct”. Dassault Aviation has been an active partner in this Conference.

IFBEC / 15-16 November 2016

On 15 and 16 November 2016, IFBEC held its Seventh Annual Conference in London (UK). Many compliance and ethics officers from US , European and other countries aeronautics companies attended. Officials from the US DoJ, the FBI, the British Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the OECD and Nato made presentations. Among this year Conference themes were the new ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Standard, Nato Building Integrity Progam, and Human Rights.

IFBEC delivered its Public Accountability Report 2016.

Dassault Aviation has been an active partner in this Conference.

For more information, please consult the IFBEC website.


Jacqueline Meyson
Director of Ethics