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Loyal Practices

Dassault Aviation carries out its business in compliance with the national laws and international conventions in force in the countries in which it operates.

As well as complying with the relevant laws, the company adheres to a strict ethical code in its activities.

Dassault Aviation has set out in its Ethical Charter the values that federate the action of all its employees and the conduct that each must follow in his or her dealings with the company’s clients, suppliers and partners.

Within the context of this ethical approach, the company reaffirms its determination to apply a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards corruption and influence peddling;  for this purpose, the company has put in place a mechanism to prevent and detect corruption and influence peddling is implemented and consisting  in:

  • an Anticorruption Code defining and illustrating the various types of behavior to prohibit as being capable of constituting instances of corruption;  this Code is integrated in the internal regulations  of the company,
  • an Anticorruption Guide to clarified the provisions of the Anticorruption Code by using examples and scenarios,
  • an Internal Alert Procedure  intended  to ensure the collection of alerts from employees, external  and casual collaborators, relating to the existence of behaviors or situations contrary to the Anticorruption Code, of any crimes or misdemeanors or infringements of international commitments of laws or regulations,
  • a risk mapping, intended to identify, analyze and rank the risks of exposure to external solicitations for corruption,
  • procedures for assessing the situation of clients, first-tier suppliers and intermediaries in the mapping of risk,
  • procedures of internal or external accounting controls intended to ensure that the books, registers and accounts do not mask instances  of corruption or influence peddling,
  • a training scheme for executives and staff most exposed to risks of corruption,
  • an internal evaluation of the measures implemented.

The Direction of Ethics, and independent body directly attached to the CEO, is in charge of the implementation and monitoring of these measures.


Jacqueline Meyson
Director of Ethics