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Fine-tune your résuméFine-tune your résumé

Your résumé should be concise, while still promoting your attributes.

Your professional summary should:

  • Be clear and well structured
  • Be coherent and logical, so that your career path can be understood
  • Match the job description that you are targeting (important keywords)
  • Be balanced and precise in form and substanceBe truthful and factual

Your résumé should have your name on it and a title that suits your professional objectives or the position that you are targeting.

It gives the reader details on your education and professional experience, with specific information and figures if possible: context, targets, missions, achievements.

Your résumé tells people about you. Capitalize on your activities outside of education or work, which show your personal commitment, enrich your experience and sculpt your personality.

Include a cover letter in your application

The cover letter provides essential additional information about why you are applying: going beyond the information in your résumé, it expresses the vision behind your project.

Structure your cover letter as follows: a) the company, b) you, c) us! This means you need to focus on: a) your interest in the company, its vision and its ambitions, b) what you have to offer the company (your experience, your achievements, human qualities, etc.), and c) what we can do together (your professional plans and objectives).

Like your résumé, your cover letter needs to be clear, coherent, well structured and without mistakes.

Professional Women Ambassadors Day
Professional Women Ambassadors Day