« Tanguy and Laverdure » at auction

Uderzo's family has auctioned off some of the designer's comics boards for the benefit of caregivers.

Uderzo’s family has auctioned off some of the designer’s comics boards for the benefit of caregivers.

Faithful to the memory of Albert Uderzo, who passed away on 24 March, his wife and daughter took part in the national tribute to French hospital nursing staff by offering five original boards at a charity auction organized by Artcurial in Paris on 26 May. “My husband was very moved by the appalling health crisis we are experiencing. A month after his death, my daughter Sylvie and I wanted to do what he would surely have done: support and thank in his memory the nursing staff, these new heroes of the French village! “, recalls Ada Uderzo.

It consisted of five comic book boards made by Albert Uderzo: three boards of Asterix, one board of Tanguy and Laverdure, and one board of Oumpah-Pah. That of Tanguy and Laverdure is a very rare Indian ink, pencil and blue pencil on paper, taken from the album « Escadrille des cigognes » published in 1964 and pre-published in 1962 in the newspaper « Pilote ».

The 390,000 euros collected will be entirely donated to the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France which, through its Covid-19 emergency aid fund, supports hospitals, caregivers and patients.