Mission Kimono

Mission Kimono Volume 19

Éditions JYB Aventures invites you to discover “Sauvetages”, volume 19 in the comic book series “Mission Kimono.” Editor : Jyb aventures Created : Jean-Yves Brouard Cartoonist : Francis Nicole

Prototypes expérimentaux Dassault

Book “Dassault Experimental Prototypes, 1960-1988”

ETAI Editions is publishing “Prototypes expérimentaux Dassault, 1960-1988”, a new reference book in their military aviation collection. Editor : ETAI

Collection Avions de Guerre

Book : “Warplanes Collection, Dassault Aviation the Rafale”

Hachette is publishing a book with a focus on the Rafale and its flight capabilities as part of its warplanes collection. Editor : Hachette

la patrouille de France

Book: “The Patrouille de France on an American tour”

Don’t miss the iconic Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France in an exquisite book retracing the one-and-a-half month tour of the tricolor aerobatic team in the North American skies. Author : La Patrouille de France, SIRPA Air, Athos Leader Editor : Epa Eds


Aerospace, the movie

Travel around the world and discover the wonders of the civil and military aerospace industry, in the film “Aerospace.” Director : Eric MAGNAN


Book ISAE-SUPAERO: Excellence with passion

In just 10 years of existence, ISAE-SUPAERO has become established as one of the best aeronautical engineering schools in France and in the world. Author : Philippe Ollivier et Alain Félix Editor : Privat

Rafale Solo Display

Book: Rafale Solo Display – Alpha Experience.

This book pays tribute to the pilots of Rafale Solo Display, the Dassault Aviation Rafale air demonstration team. Author : Laurent CASAERT & Etienne DAUMAS Editor : EPA

Les Extraterriennes

Book: The Extraterraneans, Éditions de La Vallée Heureuse.

This book retraces the leading role played by women over time in the conquest of the sky. If the collective imagination tends to make science and technology an exclusively masculine prerogative, it is only because it remains deeply rooted in a bias of History. Author : Amélie Octave Editor : La Vallée Heureuse