Book. The “Rafale”

Book. The “Rafale” by André Bréand

André Bréand, aerospace journalist, presents the new edition of his book “Rafale.” In this book, published on June 5, 2019, the author uses his expertise on the subject to demonstrate the ingenuity and remarkable skills of the French aviation engineers and technicians. Editor : Editions E.T.A.I Author : André Bréand

Book. Mystère IVA

Book. Mystère IVA – En Service dans l’Armée de l’Air

Published in summer 2019, the book entitled “Mystère IV – En Service dans l’Armée de l’Air” (Mystère IV, serving the Air Force) looks back over the history of this legendary aircraft. EditorEM 37 Éditions Author : Michel Liébert, Éric Moreau et Cyril Defever

Comic Book “Team Rafale”

Comic Book. “Team Rafale”, the complete work, Volume 2

The complete work of the “Team Rafale” comic book, volume 2, is a contemporary military aerial adventure series, published in April 2019. This comic book, written by Frédéric Zumbiehl and Olivier Jolivet, features captains Tom Nolane and Jessica Nate, Rafale fighter pilots. Editor : Zéphyr Created : Frédéric Zumbiehl et Olivier Jolivet Illustrator : Michel Lourenco ISBN : 978-2-361-18272-4

Comic Book "L’Histoire de l’Aéronautique"

Comic Book. L’Histoire de l’Aéronautique – Volume 4

In the 4th volume of “L’Histoire de l’Aéronautique” (Aeronautics, A Graphic History), authors Franck Coste and Éric Stoffel take us back in time to discover the early stages of aeronautics. EditorIdées plus Editions Author : Éric Stoffel Created : Franck Coste Illustrator : Frédéric Allali et Jeff Baud EAN 9782916795744

Comic Book "La Fille de l'Air"

Comic Book. La Fille de l’Air, Volume 1 – “Croix Comtesse”

Volume 1 of the new series “La Fille de l’Air” (Girl of the Air) is the first collaboration between author Pascal Davoz and cartoonist Yves Plateau. It tells the extraordinary story of young Marie Marillac. EditorIdées plus Created : Pascal Davoz Cartoonist : Yves Plateau EAN : 9782916795904

Comic Book. Missions Kimono “Milena”, No.20

Comic Book. Missions Kimono “Milena”, No.20

The Editions JYB Aventures released on May 23rd 2019 a new opus from the comic strip Missions Kimono: “Milena”. This album gives pride of place to Navy Rafale Ms conducting a sensitive overseas air mission. Éditor : JYB Aventures Created : Jean-Yves Brouard Illustrator : Carlo Velardi ISBN : 979-1090083219

Comic Book. Liberty Bessie: “Un pilote de l’Alabama” volume 1

Comic Book. Liberty Bessie: “Un pilote de l’Alabama” volume 1

Liberty Bessie: “Un pilote de l’Alabama” is a comic book published on May 2, 2019. This comic book tells the story of a young black woman who fights to become a pilot in segregated America. Éditeur : Éditions Glénat Scénariste : Pierre-Roland Saint-Dizier et Jean-Blaise Djian Dessinateur : Vincent ISBN : 978-2-7493-0864-7

“Hergé, Tintin et les avions” book

“Hergé, Tintin et les avions” book

The book “Hergé, Tintin et les avions” [Hergé, Tintin and aircraft], by José Miguel de la Viuda Sainz, offers us the opportunity to rediscover Hergé’s legendary work through the prism of aviation. Editor : Editionsmoulinsart Author : José Miguel de la Viuda Sainz