Bookcover The “Rafale”

Book. The “Rafale” by André Bréand

André Bréand, aerospace journalist, presents the new edition of his book “Rafale.” In this book, published on June 5, 2019, the author uses his expertise on the subject to demonstrate the ingenuity and remarkable skills of the French aviation engineers and technicians. Editor : Editions E.T.A.I Author: André Bréand

Bookcover Mystère IVA

Book. Mystère IVA – En Service dans l’Armée de l’Air

Published in summer 2019, the book entitled “Mystère IV – En Service dans l’Armée de l’Air” (Mystère IV, serving the Air Force) looks back over the history of this legendary aircraft. EditorEM 37 Éditions Author: Michel Liébert, Éric Moreau et Cyril Defever

“Hergé, Tintin et les avions” bookcover

“Hergé, Tintin et les avions” book

The book “Hergé, Tintin et les avions” [Hergé, Tintin and aircraft], by José Miguel de la Viuda Sainz, offers us the opportunity to rediscover Hergé’s legendary work through the prism of aviation. Editor : Editionsmoulinsart Author : José Miguel de la Viuda Sainz

Bookcover Marin et Pilote

Book. Marin et Pilote

Marin et Pilote, “Servir en mer et dans les airs” [Sailor and Pilot, “Serving at sea and in the air”] is a book written by Ramon Josa that was published on November 8, 2018. In this autobiography, the author looks back over his career as a pilot, as well as his experience as a sailor. Editor : Editions JPO Author : Ramon Josa

Bookcover “Aeronautical occupations: designing new aircraft, volume 3”

Book. “Aeronautical occupations: designing new aircraft, volume 3”

Part of the “Technical Books” collection, the third volume in the “Aeronautical occupations” series focuses on the design of modern airplanes and helicopters: costs, certification, systems integration and more. Editor : Editions JPO Author : Claude Lelaie

Bookscover The “Avions de guerre” collection

Books. The “Avions de guerre” collection.

Hachette’s “Avions de guerre” collection analyzes in turn the aircraft that have shaped, and continue to shape, the legend of fighter pilots and their planes. Editor : Hachette Collections  

Bookcover “Du vent, du sable et des étoiles.” Saint-Exupéry

Book. “Du vent, du sable et des étoiles.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The book brings together all the works of the famed traveler, from his first stories as an aspiring writer to his most famous books, including “The Little Prince.” Editor : Gallimard Author : Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ENA : 9782072742422

Bookcover “New Guide to France Aeronautics” Magali Rebeaud

Book “New Guide to France Aeronautics” by Magali Rebeaud

The journalist and pilot Magali Rebeaud has released the “New Guide to France Aeronautics” (Nouveau Guide de la France Aéronautique), which lists more than 130 aeronautics sites throughout France. Editor : Kaolin Author : Magali Rebeaud SIBN : 978-2-490096-01-5