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Our professions

Our role as an industrial architect of complex airborne systems means we can offer a wide range of professions: simulation, modelling, information systems architecture, technical data management, production, logistics, maintenance, business engineering, purchasing, quality, sales, commercial, etc.

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+ Flight tests

Flight tests (Flight Tests Division and Test Bases Division) are in charge of overall in-flight […]


+ Production

The production teams define, organise and perform the operations that manufacturing aircraft involves, i.e. the […]

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+ Quality

As we constantly endeavor to improve and innovate, the total quality system in place at […]


+ Marketing, Sales, Support

Our number one priority is always the customer. The commercial professions handle relations with the […]


+ Program coordination

At Dassault Aviation, the programs/professions organizational matrix is based on 2-level program management: a Program […]


+ Information system

Whether for the product itself (on-board software, man-machine interfaces), its definition and manufacture (modeling and […]