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Information system

Whether for the product itself (on-board software, man-machine interfaces), its definition and manufacture (modeling and simulation tools, computer-aided design and manufacturing, management of technical data) or for the company (information systems, networks), the computer is today an essential tool.

A little about IT at Dassault Aviation:


  • workstations, servers and clusters running UNIX or Windows
  • object-oriented applications (CORBA,…)
  • rapid integration of emerging technologies
  • extensive cooperation with research and the new economy


  • distributed data processing (ATM broadband enterprise networks)
  • INTRANET/EXTRANET/INTERNET multi-level client-server, workstation fully computerized


  • integrated management (Product Data Management, Enterprise Resource Planning,…)
  • decision making and communication data processing (extensive NICT)
  • Computer aided design and manufacture (CATIA)
  • intensive parallel scientific computing (aerodynamics, structures, etc.)
  • n-board real time (flight controls, mission)
  • aircraft simulators and support systems.


Nicolas, Information System Project Manager

Discover the testimony of Nicolas, Information System Project Manager.

Nicolas, Information System Project Manager