Information system

Information technology is at the heart of Dassault Aviation’s operations.

The company succeeded in innovating very early on (developing CATIA) and promoting digital solutions to equip its processes and improve its products, for the benefit of:

  • the users of our civilian and military products: embedded software, human-machine interfaces, etc.;
  • the design of our aircraft, right up to manufacturing: modeling and simulation tools, CAD/CAM, technical data management, COBOTs, etc.;
  • the support available for our aircraft in service: digital solutions for Customers and Aircraft Operators, etc.;
  • our business performance: business management and collaboration.


Dassault Aviation focuses on structural applications for its digital ambitions, notably through a strategic partnership with Dassault Systèmes:

  • Use of a software platform to digitize our processes from design to aircraft support with 3D and collaborative capabilities at its core;
  • Development of “big data” solutions including artificial intelligence for both our activities and our products and services;
  • Autonomous research and development by investing continuously in high-performance computing (HPC) solutions;
  • In-house development by integrating an ecosystem of startups, of unique solutions to enhance the performance of our products and services (simulators, documentary workshops, digital services web portal, pilot and operator mobile applications, automation of manufacturing functions, COBOTs, organization of hackathons);
  • Development of high-precision, ultra-reliable embedded real-time solutions (flight controls, missions);

Dassault Aviation invests in digital professions to ensure an independent information system that performs well and meets our requirements in terms of security, quality and the environmental footprint. To support this approach, Dassault Aviation ensures that it has the necessary skills, through:

  • the development of collaborative structural software platforms (3DExperience, SAP, etc.), and repositories for the data of our products and services, to assert our role as a cooperative aeronautical architect;
  • shared software development methodologies and the application of good practices such as “DevOps” for deploying solutions (GIT/JIRA/Confluence/Testing, CI/CD, etc.);
  • the use of agile methodologies in suitable contexts;
  • “native web”-oriented developments based on the latest technologies and practices (micro-services, containerization, API management) for the provision of digital services to our civil and military clients;
  • emerging technologies, including open-source solutions in particular;

  • good cybersecurity practices and a Security Operating Center (SOC) to guarantee the protection of our products, services and data;
  • software-centric infrastructure solutions applied to our own resources to guarantee independence on the one hand, and compliance with our high security and performance demands on the other (virtualization, SDN, Segmentation, hybrid cloud, etc.);
  • active cooperation with major players in the digital sector: publishers, teaching institutions, European, national or in-house research programs, and also filing of patents.


Nicolas, Information System Project Manager

Discover the testimony of Nicolas, Information System Project Manager.