As we constantly endeavor to improve and innovate, the total quality system in place at Dassault Aviation optimises the company’s operating processes (sell, design, produce, procure, support, etc.) while meeting customer requirements and respecting the environment.

Furthermore, maintaining high standards of product quality involves defining and implementing quality control initiatives. Raw materials, production facilities, subcontractor services and obviously the products are fully controlled at all of our sites.

Nathalie, product quality engineer


Nathalie, product quality engineer

Discover the testimony of Nathalie, product quality engineer.

Sandrine, Quality Engineer, Saint Cloud

Safety and coordination

It was during her first year at the EPF (formerly Ecole Polytechnique Féminine) and after doing a first placement at Dassault that Sandrine began to take an interest in aeronautics: “When I see planes fly, I’m full of admiration,” she says simply. “Their technological complexity always impresses me.”

As she had felt comfortable in the good, family atmosphere that reigns throughout the company (the use of first names is one example she gives), she chose it for her end-of-course placement. Sandrine was employed by Dassault Aviation in January 1996 in the Total Quality Division, where she learned about project management.

However, she was keen to focus more on aeronautical technology. Her wish came true at the age of 29 in the Operating Safety department. There she works on studies on the Rafale and its systems and takes part in demonstrating safety of both the aircraft themselves and the pilots and operators who work on them. Her latest study concerns the risks involved in refueling aircraft with kerosene while the engines are still running.

Her job also involves coordinating the work done by people from various different departments. “Safety studies require an all-round view of the aircraft and a good understanding of all of its systems.” For a study to be a success, information must be synthesized and coordinated. “My job allows me to communicate with a great many people,” which to Sandrine is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her work. Furthermore, she plays tennis in the works council and competes in inter-company tournaments.
Keen to keep a tie with her past, she acts as “school correspondent” and thus liaises between her school and her company.