Marketing, Sales, Support

Our number one priority is always the customer. The commercial professions handle relations with the customer and more broadly with the market as a whole.

Whether from a commercial background or whether they are technicians who have switched streams internally, our specialists work to:

  • produce bids for the customers, based on various internal proposals (technical, support, management, commercial, financing, etc.),
  • negotiate and finalize contracts,
  • support the customer, with the aim of meeting the customer’s needs as closely as possible for everything concerning deployment and maintenance of the aircraft sold.

The quality of the aircraft and their support system are constantly improved through managing operational feedback.


Laurent, Customer support specialist

Discover the testimony of Laurent, Customer support specialist.

Jean-Bernard, Support Engineer, Saint-Cloud

The pilots’ interface

Dassault Aviation’s work does not stop once an aircraft is sold. “The customer always needs us.” Working on that basis, Jean-Bernard has been in charge of operational support since 1998.

At the helm of this relatively young but fast-developing department, it is his job to make sure that the Falcon pilots have all the means and training they need to use the aircraft in complete safety throughout their lifespan.

Operational support encompasses five areas of activity: assistance to pilots, mainly by telephone and mail; pilot-oriented communications (i.e. regional conferences, seminars, publications, etc.); operational certification (compliance with regulations); new developments; and lastly training.

The department’s work in training is the fastest growing area, particularly as Dassault Aviation is present at the Falcon Training Center in Bourget.

Before reaching his current position, Jean-Bernard had a rather unusual career path. After graduating from the ENAC (national school of civil aviation), where he specialized in Aeronautical Technology, he set up his own business. Then, after a stint at Airbus Industrie in flight tests, he joined Dassault Aviation in 1996 where he has had various jobs. He believes his current position still requires entrepreneurial spirit. “And initiative and responsiveness too,” he adds. I must propose customer-focused projects, without neglecting profitability. My job also involves human relations. I am constantly in contact with the pilots, the managers of companies operating Falcons and both European and American certification authorities.”

To Jean-Bernard, the future will initially be about developing the five areas of operational support. What’s next? “I always want to be part of the creative process,” he states with conviction.