Alpha Jet

First flight in 1973

Training and tactical-support twin-jet tandem two-seater

January, 1979: went into operational service

Aircraft of the Patrouille de France aerobatics team as of 1981, as the replacement model for the Fouga Magister

512 Alpha Jets were produced (of which 329 were exported); for ten Air Forces (France, West Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Morocco, Togo, Cameroon, Qatar, Nigeria, Gabon)

Data Sheet


Title Value
Span 29.85 ft
Wing surface 10.8 sq ft
Length 39.37 ft
Height 13.78 ft


Title Value
Overall empty weight 7716 lbs
Internal fuel 1 900 L
External fuel 620 L
Maximum takeoff weight 11023 lbs
External load 5511 lbs


Title Value
Maximum speed 500 kts
Maximum climbing speed 12 500 ft/min
Ceiling 48 000 ft
Single-engine service ceiling 32 000 ft
Take-off distances (15432lb) 2690 ft
Take-off distances (11023lb) 2362 ft
Landing ground run (11023lb) 1575 ft