Mirage 2000

First flight in 1978

Multirole aircraft

Introduced in operational service by the French Air Force in 1984, in its air defence variant

A world reference in terms of availability, maintenance and evolutivity

600 Mirage 2000 were produced, of which 50% were exported

8 export countries: Brazil, Egypt, Greece, India, Peru, Qatar, Taiwan, UAE

Data Sheet


Title Value
Span 29.9 ft
Length 47 ft
Combat weight 21,000 lbs
Maximum thrust of the SNECMA M53-P2 98 kN
Two versions single and twin-seater
Internal weapons (single-seater) 2 * 30 mm guns
Store stations 9
Title Value
Demonstrated availability in war time (Kosovo) 100%


Title Value
Maximum take off weight 38,500 lbs
Fixed (removable) probe for in-flight refuelling Buddy-Buddy capability
Maximum Mach number Mach 2.2+
Approach speed 140 Kts
Maximum climbing speed 60 000 ft/min
Authorised minimum speed in flight 5 min
Operational ceiling 60,000 ft
Loiter time at 150 N.M. from the base at Mach 0.8/25,000 ft 3 external tanks + 6 MICA 2hr 40 min
Rayon d’action / combat à M 0,8/15 000 ft 6 Mica, external tanks dropped prior to combat 830 N.M.