First flight in 1986

The Rafale is the only existing all-purpose fighter aircraft in the world, able to perform simultaneously air superiority, defense, reconnaissance and surface attack missions during a single flight.

First French Navy squadron operational in 2004

First Rafale squadron for the French Air Force in 2006

“Combat Proven” Aircraft

Rafale with the F3 standard operational since 2010.

Data Sheet


Title Value
Wing span 10,9 m
Length 15,30 m
Height 5,30 m


Title Value
Overall empty weight 10 t (22,000 lbs) class
Max. take-off weight 24.5 t (54,000 lbs)
Fuel (internal) 4.7 t (10,300 lbs)
Fuel (external) up to 6.7 t (14,700 lbs)
External load 9.5 t (21,000 lbs)


Title Value
Max. thrust 2 x 7.5 tons
Limit load factors -3.2g / +9g
Max. speed M = 1.8 / 750 kt
Approach speed less than 120 kt
Landing ground run 450m (1,500 ft) without drag-chute
Service ceiling 50.000ft

Store stations

Title Value
Total 14
Heavy-wet 5