Mirage III

First flight in 1956

Bomber fighter aircraft

Europe’s first operational Mach 2 aircraft

1961: The Mirage III entered operational service with the French Air Force

A total 1 401 Mirage III/5/50, in 80 different versions, have been built since 1958, and have served in 21 countries around the world.


Data Sheet


Title Value
Span 26.97 ft
Wing surface 377 sq ft
Length 49 ft
Height 14.76 ft


Title Value
Overall empty weight 15542 lbs
Internal fuel 3 300 L
External fuel 4 700 L
Maximum takeoff weight 21164 lb


Title Value
Maximum speed Mach 2.2
Maximum speed at low altitude 864 mph
Landing speed 180 mph
Practical ceiling 55776 ft
Take-off distance 2624.8 ft
Landing ground run 2460.75 ft
Range (ground attack) 3937.2 ft