Pierre Bohn

Technical Director of Advanced Studies in the Technical Directorate General, he was responsible for the definition and development of Dassault Aviation’s scientific computer systems.

He joined Dassault in 1953, and successively held the positions of head of the pre-project department (1955), deputy engineering director (1962), director of the advanced research division (1975) and director of scientific strategy (1991).

Pierre Bohn directed research on aerodynamics, flight qualities and performances for all contemporary Dassault aircraft (calculating air inlet shock cones for the Mirage III, contractual performance guarantees for the Mirage IV, Mirage F1, Mirage III V, and Mirage G aircraft, and supercritical wing of the Falcon 50, Mirage 2000 and Rafale). In the 1970s, he merged the teams from Breguet in the field of aerodynamics and flight mechanics.

He was the impetus for unprecedented investments in high-performance calculation methods for aerodynamics and stealth, and he was behind the design and development of scientific computing systems for Dassault Aviation. He supported the development of the early computer-aided design digital tools, precursors of the CATIA software which has become the global standard.

He also developed advanced computer science and artificial intelligence in cooperation with INRIA.

Pierre Bohn was a member of the French national Air and Space Academy from 1993. He passed away at the age of 92, on February 25, 2022