Bernard Sigaud

Bernard Sigaud joined “Avions Marcel Dassault” in 1957 at Villaroche to monitor the Etendard flight tests.

Born on November 12, 1931 in Toulon, France, Bernard Sigaud entered the prestigious aerospace university, SupAéro, class of 1954.

He began flight-testing for Générale Aéronautique Marcel Dassault at Melun-Villaroche in 1957, working on the Étendard tests alongside Serge Dassault.

Sent on assignment to Breguet in Vélizy in 1968, then to Istres, he managed tests on the Jaguar. Two years later, when Dassault and Breguet merged, he became deputy director of flight-testing, in charge of tests on the Super-Étendard, the Atlantique 2 and the Mirage 2000 weapons systems.

In 1985, he was appointed as engineering director of the Brétigny site, where he was responsible for the systems integration tests, before becoming director of the weapons systems department in 1987.

Bernard Sigaud ended his career as director of the Rafale program from 1991 to 1998.

He was awarded the Aeronautical medal and was an officer of the French National Order of Merit.

Portrait of Bernard Sigaud
Bernard Sigaud