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Our approach

“The development of the Dassault Aviation Group relies on the quality and commitment of the people within it. They are its main resource” (Dassault Aviation Code of Ethics )


+ Ethics

Development of the Dassault Aviation Group depends on the quality and motivation of the women[...]
Dassault Aviation Facility: Biarritz, France. Experience sharing at the Falcon fuselage assembly line.

+ Activities

Diverse professions means diverse opportunities Dassault Aviation is at the very cutting edge of technological […]

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+ Integration

Recruiting is an important investment for the company. Many players are involved in doing so.

+ Professional project

Building your career plan Rather than a standard predetermined career path, we prefer to give […]

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+ Career development

Personal advancement true to your personality The professional development of our executives and engineers is […]

Day by day

+ Day by day

Non-stop training at Dassault Because knowledge is not something that is acquired once and for […]