Day by day

Non-stop training at Dassault

Because knowledge is not something that is acquired once and for all, life-long training is essential. We believe that every situation contributes to the training process, as there is no better system of learning than a thoughtful balance of practice, theory and sharing of experience.

The company’s organizational model is based on a long tradition of the “buddy system” and breaks the conventional training mould.

In this respect, today’s information and communication technologies enable us to envisage even wider use of effective, flexible and customized training resources. We do not attempt to make the personnel fit the Dassault model, but rather constantly look for a delicate balance enabling each person to find his or her place as a fully-fledged, participative member of the company.

Aware of the potential of training for maintaining and developing skills, the company’s training investment – standing at about 4% of the payroll – is based on the same fundamental principle as that underpinning investments in the technical, industrial and commercial fields.

“Motivating” advantages

The system of remuneration and career advancement, is based on recognition of responsibilities, talent, individual performance and its capacity to use its energy to the benefit of its enterprise.

Shareholdings and Profit Sharing in recent years have amounted to more than 2 months of salary and contribute to motivating the employee in working for the general success of the company. To this can be added all the advantages of a complete benefits system and the company’s significant contribution to social activities and to leisure.