From Ouragan to Rafale: 70 years of French industrial and operational excellence


The MD-450 Ouragan was the first French jet fighter to be used by the French Air Force after World War II. It entered service 70 years ago, in November 1952.


Declared operationally ready in 2006 by the 1/7 Provence fighter squadron, the Rafale is currently in use by seven Air Force squadrons. It has proven its effectiveness in combat in Afghanistan as well as on a number of other missions (Harmattan, Serval, Barkhane, Sangaris, Hamilton, etc.).

From Ouragan to Rafale

Since the beginning of the 20th century, when aviation was first developed, Dassault Aviation has distinguished itself in the aeronautical world by designing, building and producing a large number of aircraft of all types. The company has an eminently dual character. From the Éclair propeller of 1916 to the Falcon 6X and the Rafale, it…


The French Air Force and Dassault Aviation would like to thank all the key players who helped celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Ouragan through the exhibition: “From the Ouragan to the Rafale… 70 years of industrial and operational excellence”. Thank you: To the GMP for hosting us at the Invalides, a highly symbolic place…