The French Air Force and Dassault Aviation would like to thank all the key players who helped celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Ouragan through the exhibition:

“From the Ouragan to the Rafale… 70 years of industrial and operational excellence”.

Thank you:

To the GMP for hosting us at the Invalides, a highly symbolic place steeped in history.

To the Direction générale de l’armement, without whom these aircraft would not exist.

To the association EALC – Espaces Aéro Lyon-Corbas – administrator of the Clément Ader museum, for the loan of the Ouragan and to the team of dynamic volunteers, for its reassembly works.

To Aérocampus Aquitaine, aeronautical training center, for the loan of the Rafale.

To the mechanics of the French Air Force, without whom without whom the Rafale could not have been reassembled in due time.

We are very grateful to you for having contributed to this success.

Gouverneur militaire de Paris

Direction générale de l’armement

Musée de l’aviation

Aérocampus Aquitaine