Pyrotechnics catalogue

Since the early 1960s, Dassault Aviation is an acknowledged expert in high reliability pyrotechnics for both military and space aircraft.


The European standard initiator 1TAPWH40 is a medium-power electropyrotechnical initiator.

Separation systems for launchers

Separation systems enable to break linear or circular metallic structure.

Transmission lines

Transmission lines are used to transmit a detonation from one point to another one.

Rod and bolt cutters

A cutter enables to cut a cable or a rod.

Separation systems for small satellites

The separation system is intended to fasten a microsatellite to the launch vehicle, to separate it and then to move it away

Multi ways relay

© Dassault Aviation – S. Tallon Relai Multivoies 3RMVH10. Multi ways relay is designed to deliver and transmit the detonation coming from a 8LTSH transmission line to the other ones (up to nine) connected to the relay. It remains hermetic after use. (Unused ways are equipped with hermetic caps) These data are given for information…


A valve is an equipment designed to open pipes and is used to empty under pressure tanks or to get two points of an hydraulic circuit in touch.

Neutralisation charges

Neutralisation charge is used to drill propellant tanks in case of ordered launcher destruction.

Time delay

Time delay is a pyrotechnic device providing a calibrated delay between an incoming pyrotechnic order and an outgoing pyrotechnic order.

Shock generators

SHOGUN is a shock generator using an expansible tube, able to simulate the shock environment at separation to qualify satellites or launcher parts

Soft belt release system

The soft belt release system is intended to gradually decrease the tension from 100,000 N to 20,000 N in a time between 0.5 and 5 seconds.


Pyrotechnic pusher is used to induce, in an irreversible way, the going out of a rod which could operate an awl to drill a surface and to lock an actuator.

Thrusters with gas generator

Thrusters with gas generator are used to move two stages from each other.