With the economy becoming globalized and international competition fiercer than ever, we reaffirm our culture built on a strong identity and strict principles. Our ethics charter expresses the core values that guide everything we do.


Customer satisfaction is our corporate philosophy and our guiding principle. The top priority for each and every Dassault Aviation employee is knowing how to listen to our customers, understand their needs and work for them, and uphold our promises.

We guarantee the technical performance, confidentiality and personalized follow-up of all customer deliverables, while optimizing costs and lead-times.

Human qualities

People are the beating heart of Dassault Aviation. We foster a mindset that emphasizes teamwork, sharing knowledge and skills, being creative and ethical.

We also facilitate dialog at all levels, mutual respect, professional fulfillment and the feeling of belonging to a company that retains its human dimension.

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Customer support, civil support Dassault Aviation.

Technological excellence and innovation

Our spirit, passion and history are built on technological excellence and innovation.

We guarantee the quality, reliability and safety of our aircraft through a never-ending focus on innovation, our ability to manage projects and our proven skill in developing complex systems. The need to limit the environmental impact of our operations and our products is always top of mind at Dassault Aviation.

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Financial performance

Creating value is a top priority, because it guarantees our profitability, financial stability and long-term viability.

Given the fierce international competition today, we must show greater flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness in relations with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Open to the world

Whether in France or abroad, we conduct coordinated scientific, technological and industrial actions based on partnerships.

We take an active role in national and international organizations dedicated to aviation and defense.

And we are proud of our open and transparent communications policy, both in-house and externally.

Strict business ethics

We meet all contractual commitments, for costs, deadlines and performance, and we comply with laws governing export controls and the fight against corruption. Our values of ethics and integrity are applied daily in our procedures, and through our behavior.

Dassault Aviation has signed European and international agreements on fair business practices in global trade (CIS – Common Industry Standards).


Jacqueline Meyson
Senior Vice President / Ethics and compliance